What is Caktus AI?


Caktus AI is an AI platform specializing in generating academic content, including essays, using user-provided prompts. It’s known for its user-friendly interface and a wide range of applications. Caktus AI, founded in 2022 by Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang, stands at the forefront of AI-driven academic assistance. This revolutionary platform is designed to support students and professionals alike with various writing and learning tasks.

The Birth of Caktus AI

Conceived to ease academic pressures, Caktus AI emerged as a powerful tool for students and professionals, simplifying complex writing and learning tasks.

Core Features of Caktus AI

Academic Essay Writing

Caktus AI excels in creating detailed essays quickly, addressing specific prompts with accuracy and depth.

Resume and CV Creation

The platform aids in crafting compelling personal statements, cover letters, and resumes, tailored to individual profiles and career goals.

Learning Platform

Caktus AI includes language tutors for several languages and coding tools, enhancing understanding and skill in these areas.

Content Improver Tool

Beyond academics, Caktus AI is adept at generating and improving content for blogs and articles, fostering creativity and diversity in topics.

Text and Multimedia Summarizer

The AI’s summarizing capabilities extend to creating concise summaries of texts, articles, and multimedia, aiding in efficient research and study.

Pricing and Plans

Caktus AI offers a free trial with limited credits, followed by affordable monthly and yearly subscription plans, providing unlimited access to its services.

Ethical Considerations and Limitations

While Caktus AI offers significant assistance in writing and learning, it’s important to use it ethically, especially in academic environments, to avoid issues of academic dishonesty.


Caktus AI represents a significant stride in AI-assisted learning and writing. While it offers substantial benefits, users should be mindful of its ethical use in academic settings.


1)How does Caktus AI work?

Caktus AI utilizes a large language model along with its own CORE database to provide high-quality educational outcomes, making it a cost-effective academic resource.

2)How much does Caktus AI cost?

Caktus AI offers a subscription service at $14.99 per month or $99.99 annually, with automatic renewal.

3)Can I use Caktus AI at school?

Yes, Caktus AI is suitable for school use, including taking lecture notes and generating ideas in class. It’s increasingly being incorporated into academic curricula.

4)How is Caktus AI different from ChatGPT?

Caktus AI specializes in academic content, drawing from its own database and personalizing to individual writing styles. It provides a range of educational tools designed to enhance learning.